#137 Ending the Negative Stories You Tell Yourself

#137 Ending the Negative Stories You Tell Yourself

Welcome back for episode #137 Ending the Negative Stories You Tell Yourself. What are practical ways to up-level your thinking? In today’s episode, I share my very real stories on how I broke the “lack” mindset and shifted into an abundance mindset and how you too can do the same. For more tips and inspiration, […]

#136 Two Everyday Foods That Are Destroying Your Liver

In today’s episode, I discuss (2) common foods that you may be consuming on a daily or weekly basis that are the primary cause of liver disease. I also share ways you can prevent liver damage and foods and supplements to take to help support liver health. Head to figureFITlife.com and join my free newsletter […]

#135 HOW to Create Motivation

You don’t want to miss today’s episode.   I get real with how you are either sabotaging yourself or moving your life forward. I discuss how you are either operating in victim mode or VICTOR more. I show you easy tangible ways that you can start moving forward today in the direction of your goals and biggest […]

#133 7 Steps Toward A Better You

Episode #133 7 Steps Toward A Better You In today’s episode, I discuss 7 fast and easy ways you can begin to up-level your life and FEEL more JOY instantly. I mention my other podcast in today’s episode, I’d love to have you come over and subscribe to keep your mind “heavenly.” Podcasts: Heavenly Mind […]

#132 Connect to Your Soul w/ Self-Love

Are you LOVE OBSESSED ? If so, you’ll want to tune in to today’s episode. This podcast “quickie” will have you learning how to go from “lack” to feeling love inside of yourself in just a few minutes. My Spiritual Warriors are going through their own self-love transformational journey right now in the 90-Day Transformation […]

#130 The Shingles Nutrition Plan

If you’ve ever had shingles you know how bad it is and all that you would do to prevent it or minimize the symptoms. I was shocked when I found out I was eating foods that actually activated the virus and/or made it worse. The information in today’s show will help those of you who’s […]

#129 Auto-Immune Disorders & Nutrition Science for Women

Episode #129 Auto-Immune Disorders & Nutrition Science for Women w/ Magdalena Wszelaki You guys are going to LOVE this podcast today. Magdalena and I dig deep in Estrogen Dominance, Adrenal Fatigue, Shingles, Detox for the Liver, and how to eat when you have any of the aforementioned health problems. I learned a ton from today’s […]

#128 Make the Choice You KNOW You Need to Make

In today’s episode I’m talking about why it’s so hard for us to make the decision to ACT when we know it’s something we want. We KNOW it… so why don’t we do it? What’s the remedy? How do we “just do it?” Tune in and find your inner motivation to do the thing!!! Order […]

#127 Should I Even Be On The Paleo Diet?

Episode #127 Should I Even Be On The Paleo Diet? There’s a lot of buzz around which diet is best and in today’s episode, I discuss some of the most controversial topics surrounding the Paleo diet. Should YOU be on the paleo diet? Tune in and find out.. And you guys?thank you so much, as […]