Instagram & Facebook Challenge & Giveaways

To Enter this Month’s Challenge(s) – $100 GIFT CARD to Dick’s or a Visa Gift Card: 

  1. After each workout, take a picture or post a video saying what you loved about the workout, what you had to do to complete it, and anything else that will help YOU inspire the masses and post it publicly to Instagram & Facebook with the hashtags #figurefit and the workout you did (Example: #figureFITAthena), and #liznierzwickifitness.
  2. Also, upload a video to our private member only Facebook page (no longer than 2 minutes and please tag me to be sure I see it) telling your fellow warrior tribe about what you are choosing to do differently this month in order to move you close to your goal. (Make it easy on yourself, simply hit record on your phone and upload it to the Facebook page. Don’t overthink, just do & commit to you.)