Welcome to July, figureFIT! Warriors. Welcome NEW members and as always, “thank you” to the veterans of this group who make this family what it is.

That opening sentence really gives me the opportunity to be so grateful for all of you and also brings me to my topic of support systems. We are so blessed in this group to have this incredible support system at our fingertips! But, it only goes as far as we are willing to commit to reaching out, contributing, and just plain old PUSHING through the resistance (the not wanting to – when you KNOW you should). You lose nothing by sharing, supporting, and putting yourself out there. In fact you gain so much.

Here’s what’s not easy… Showing up each day for YOURSELF. We are literally programmed to look for the reasons why we can’t instead of why we can! Believe me, I know. I spent many days talking about how I had no support system and I also had no clue HOW to even get started on many of my journeys because I felt like I was all alone. It wasn’t until the pain became so intense of not moving forward and I understood no one was coming to save me. NO ONE. Not a boyfriend/husband, friends, and especially not my family. I realized in order to make my dreams a reality, I HAD to push through the resistance and take action everyday in faith.

So here it is, are you anxious or wanting to push you back to the back burner  The fix: Start noticing every single time you try to blame, complain and justify why you can’t make something happen. Because this is the time to reprogram ourselves for success, so if you’re ready to let go of what’s not serving you and step up for your own happiness and health, know that you’re going to have to do a little bit of work each day to make this life what you want. Once you catch yourself complaining or justifying inaction, simply put on your WARRIOR shirt and tell yourself you can and you will!

Start planning ahead; stop saying I can’t and realize it’s just your ego (procrastination mind) not wanting to get uncomfortable even though you do indeed WANT change. I have seen every type of woman be successful on this program no matter how many children, problems, time challenges…you name it! The difference between succeeding on this program (or in anything) or staying the same is your willingness to do the things that push you outside of your comfort zone, get better at saying “NO” to things that don’t serve you, and start scheduling your day.

It just takes consistency. I have been at this for years and I will be the rest of my life! The rewards for living this lifestyle are so big that you’ll actually begin to crave your new schedule! You’ll crave the discipline and feel good feelings. Plus, you will no longer carry the baggage of low energy and negative thoughts your body because you will be happy with your efforts.

This is about so much more than a great body. This program offers you a family who is here to support you and better yet, lock arms with you as you run with this mission of loving yourself and breaking out of our own mental prisons to become the person we were meant to be. In turn, we’re empowering every single person we encounter as well.

OK… So maybe you just came for a nice booty and six pack, and you know what? That’s OK, too. But sooner or later, this new family is going to hook ya! So next time you don’t feel supported, ask how much you’ve been supporting yourself and others. In the end, no one else can be your hero but you, and as much as I’ve tried, no one can do the push-ups for you.

Much Love & strength to you!

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