➢ Your body is breaking down.

➢ Your relationships suffer because you’re
unhappy with yourself

➢ Your brain doesn’t work right.

➢ Your joints hurt.

➢ You have more fat than muscle.

➢ You have a hard time fitting into jeans
(or you won’t wear them)

➢ You don’t like your reflection in the mirror.

➢ You’re snappy with people you love.

Who doesn’t want to look good naked?

Said to client…
“Gary, when you go out, you’re going to slide into heaven saying that was a fun ride and I did it all while looking damn good naked!”
~ Liz Nierzwicki

Limited understanding in the science of how the body works and a lack of discipline will keep you overweight and doing the wrong things over and over again. Luckily, this is not a terminal or fatal condition. Learning what works, gaining self-awareness, and following a proven system is the first step towards transforming your health, life and loving the body you live in.

You’ve jumped from one thing to the next and even heard do this diet or add in running and none of that has worked to help you have a consistently fit body.

Aren’t you ready to make follow the process that works?

I want you to KNOW that this can be easy. Before I knew the science myself, I struggled with yo-yo weight and a flabby tummy. Now, I can go into my closet and know that the jeans will slide right on.

Yes, you may need to give up the bad things such as daily soda or a crazy sugar addiction. But you don’t have to cut things out completely unless they’re harming your health.

All you need to do is learn the science of HOW the body functions, when it uses what, and what to do daily/weekly to build, sculpt, fuel, and create, build or maintain a healthy fit body you’re proud to rock on the beach!

  • You feel as if you’re always on a diet.
  • Have 2-3 different sizes of clothing in your closet?
  • You cut out delicious foods that you love to eat because you’re “on a diet?
  • You add in running or some other form of cardio to “burn fat?”
  • You can’t seem to break through that last 10 remaining lbs to get your abs to pop
  • You have an all or nothing mentality. It’s either all-in or all-out:
  • No Alcohol
  • No Carbs
  • No Fun

Only when you have the science of how this all works inside your body and a process to follow will you be liberated from this old story.

You will never get to your goal if you keep doing the same things over and over again. Just because something (running & cutting calories) worked once doesn’t mean it is the right way to go about this. What is right, is building a lifestyle that you can and will maintain by formulating the program and the science of how this all works around what you’re willing to do.

The happiest, most successful people who have great health and a fit body have this one thing in common…

They are committed to a process!!


Luckily, getting the body you want doesn’t have to be hard.

The best way to do this is through a step by step, proven system. When you learn the science, the hacks, and the nutrition and then you plug into the system YOUR unique life, you’ll begin to discover what works for you. You’ll have to tools and knowledge to build this lifestyle around your life no matter where life takes you.


by mom and fitness expert Liz Nierzwicki

Hands down, the biggest game changer to the most profound transformation will be your ability to forget what you’ve been told and consistently follow this process until you reach your goal… and then, maintain the process by staying consistent!

Most of us were never taught the science of how the body works and how to fuel it based on our daily needs.

It’s not rocket science and once you know the science behind how your body works, you’ll have the master key for life.

Lack of discipline and no procedure to follow will lead you to ill health, a bigger waist-line and unhappiness.

When you learn what works and follow the science, you’ll begin to live this process with ease.

It doesn’t matter where you are today:

  • 50 lbs over weight...
  • have auto-immune problems that keep you in bed, or
  • want to build muscle
  • want to get shredded . . .

This process is FOR YOU!

You’re all going to get the exact science you need for where you are in your journey. You’ll know exactly what to do and when and you’ll never have to guess or go on a diet again.

The Look Good Naked (How-to-Process) is one massive component plucked right out of Liz’s Happy Healthy Fit premium coaching program costing clients upwards of $15k.

As an expert in fat loss, everybody always wants to know how to lose the fat and have the abs, so I’ve decided to bring to market an intense 8-week coaching program to literally hand-hold each and every person through this process and teach them everything they need to know.

There’s no need to be intimidated, everyone will get what they need and begin where they are.You’ll see.. so check out the modules of training below to find where your soul is screaming “Yes! I want that information,” and then let’s get you signed up.

What will you get in the

7 Q&A Deep-Dive Live Coaching Calls

Join Liz on a WEEKLY livestream answering all your Look Good Naked Q’s.

Liz’s favorite part? The Livestreams! Answering your Q´s and seeing your transformation is her greatest thrill.

Bring your Qs and grab a hot cup of coffee or water and join Liz live each week from the comfort of your own home.

Integration Homework

Each of your weekly training modules are massively HUGE programs. Each week’s module in-and-of-itself is a full program clients pay upwards of a couple thousand dollars for personal one-on-one coaching. You will be gaining access Liz’s expertise, the e-books, manuals, and other coaching materials for each module. It will be your responsibility to go through the week’s content and ask any questions you have on the live coaching call.

Some of the training modules come with a set of integration exercises, insightful Q´s and powerful assessments that will help you uncover valuable insights and you will begin applying your new knowledge to real world situations that will help you produce tangible week by week transformations.

The integration exercises are designed to shine a light on your patterns, current health & fitness struggles and guide you along the path towards healing, transformation, habits, and a deeper understanding of self, you will also benefit from our collective group support.

8-Week Closed Facebook Group

Private Facebook® group with Liz Nierzwicki

Over the next 8 weeks, we will have a private
Facebook group exclusively for the Look Good Naked members to help and support you as you become a badass with a great ass! 😉

Therapeutic Meditations for Setting Yourself up to Win

The therapeutic meditations are designed to impact your conscious and unconscious mind to accelerate your neural linguistic programming of new behaviors.

21-Day Health & Wellness Meditation series will help you integrate new thought patterns and begin hard-wiring your towards new behaviors.

Here’s what I’ve created for you..

The Fix

  • If you’re sick, have auto-immune disorders, or have just taken antibiotics, we are going to fix your gut microbiome (digestive system & immune system) and get you on a path towards healing, great energy, and perfect health.
  • We’re going to reset your blood sugar and get you on a healthy & delicious nutrition plan
  • We’re going to uncover your bad habits and replace them with healthy habits

A Weekly Process to Follow

  • Know the “Pillars to Perfect Health & Fitness”
  • How to build a toned body (exercise & muscle science)
  • How to eat (nutrition science) o When to have carbs, fat, protein
  • What to do to lose body fat without dieting or intense cardio
  • How to build muscle o What to do when you hit your goal and how to eat & workout to maintain.
  • Know exactly what to do per week. How much / little you will need to workout to reach your goals
  • Weight Loss, Muscle Building, & Maintenance
  • I’m going to help you build a weekly process that works for you no matter who you are, where you live, and what you do for a living.
  • Traveler? We’re going to discuss how to life a healthy life while you travel
  • Stay-at-home mom? Learn the perfect protocol to follow weekly and master this game called fitness & nutrition and BE the role-model for your entire family.

The Look Good Naked – Fat Loss Experience

  • Know exactly how much you should be eating on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Since you’ll learn the science of nutrition, you’ll understand exactly what to eat and when based on lazy days, when you workout, when you’re traveling, etc.
  • You’ll finally know when to have carbs & when not to have carbs based on your activity.
  • Why simply eliminating food is a no-no and what we do instead
  • Coaching on when alcohol is ok and when it will ruin your efforts.
  • The process on losing massive amounts of fat in a healthy way

The Mental Game Plan

  • You’ll have an easy process to follow that you will be able to make a lifestyle
  • You’ll learn what how to break your bad habits
  • You’ll know what to do what you fall off the wagon.
  • You’ll learn how to use your failures in a way that will serve your goals going forward.


Module 1: Sugar Detox

In this module, you will learn how to reset your blood sugar, slim your belly, and feel amazing with the figureFIT Sugar Detox Program.

  • You’ll download the 41-page program manual and learn the way to better health.
  • Know the exact amount of carbs to have at any given time.
  • Following the Yes/No Food List and recipes in manual to make this a success.
  • Join Liz LIVE for premium coaching to ask all your sugar detox Q’s.

Module 2: Gut Reset Protocol

In this module, you be given the figureFIT Gut Reset Protocol with the exact foods to cut from your diet in order to heal your leaky gut.

  • Learn what foods you’re eating that may be causing inflammation and digestive issues.
  • Supplements to add to help with healing and boosting your immune system.
  • An exact 3-6 week nutrition program to follow based what’s going on with your digestion, health, and immunity.

Module 3: Setting Up Your Future Self

In this module, you will learn why you have failed to reach your goals in the past and we will discuss how you can build a process to follow based on your current life situation and goals.

  • The figureFIT Setting Behavioral Objectives goal setting guide will be given to each member of this program.
  • You will uncover your self-sabotaging patterns, where they come from and why your do them and you will build a process towards changing such patterns.
  • You’ll uncover the things, places, and people that trip you up and you will build a process to win in those environments.

Module 4:
The Way of the figureFIT! Warrior

In this module, you will learn the weekly process we undertake here at figureFIT!

  • To be successful, you must follow a process consistently.
  • You’ll learn our day by day process for workouts, mindset, food, and balancing it all from work, family & fun.
  • You’ll gain access to our weekly calendar & daily meal planning guide to help you nail down a process that works for you.

Module 5:
Exercise Science

In this module, you will learn the science behind your body’s energy systems and why that matters when doing any and all exercise.

  • You’ll know what the body is doing and when based on your activity.
  • You’ll learn the natural ways to boost your metabolism by way of activity and proper workouts.
  • You’ll know when to lift weights, when to do cardio, when to rest based on your goals.
  • You’ll be given the top 2 hacks for maximizing your metabolism.

Module 6:
Nutrition Science

In this module, you learn the science of nutrition and be able to hack your way to your best body by knowing the science.

  • Together as a group, be guided to build your very own macro-nutrient base of calories so that you know exactly what to have day-in & day-out.
  • Learn how and when to have carbs, fat, and protein and when not to.
  • Understand the science behind what you’re taking in and what the body does with the nutrients.

Module 7:
Fat Loss & Supplements

In this module, you will be given the key to fat loss and without dieting and/or adding in workouts.

  • This massive program is a $4000 coaching program tossed in for pennies to help you win at this fat loss game.
  • Know the exact science on how to burn stored body fat.
  • (2) Program Options
    • 5-15 pounds to lose
    • 15-50+ pounds to lose
  • Both programs will offer the following:
    • Non-diet option for sustainable fat loss
    • Sample Day to Follow
      • How to prep the night before
      • What to do upon awakening
      • Mid-morning
      • Lunch
      • Dinner & evening options
    • Long-term process to follow for maintenance
    • Supplements to take while fat loss is occurring (eliminating toxins)


Module 8: Self-Love

In this module, we will be cover the neuroscience technique to break any bad habit (binge eating, procrastinations, self-love, etc)

  • 3-Step process to break the bad habit and 5 step process to build a new habit.
  • Discover your Why – Learn how to stay motivated and true to your why.
  • Extra Special Bonus: 7-Steps to massive self-love

BONUS #1- FREE ENTRY ($497 Value) Into the figureFIT 90-Day Transformation

What you will get:

  • HD Video Demonstrations Explaining Workouts/Move
  • 20-60 Min Workouts – Tailored to Fit Your Schedule
  • Video Modifications for Beginners
  • Advanced Strength Training Techniques for Those Looking to Build Muscle: abs, booty, biceps, shoulders, and more!
  • Specially designed workout routines that target your entire body to shed fat and get a toned, healthy physique
  • New Warrior Workouts Each Month
  • Warrior Body Fitness Calendar Showing Exactly What You Can Do & When
  • Yoga Videos for Recovery Days & Added Flexibility
  • figureFIT! Meal Planning Guide – 1-Page Success Sheet
  • 1-Page figureFIT! Grocery Store Food List
  • Weekly Recipes Delivered to Member Community
  • Access to our global community of inspiring and determined figureFIT! Spiritual Warriors
  • Available on all devices – train anywhere using your laptop, phone or iPad




Is it only for women?
Heck NO. This is for Warriors… those who want the process that works. Those of you who are committed to doing what it takes to implement a strategy that works FOR YOU. Whether you’re a man or a woman and wherever you live in the world… the Look Good Naked process is for you and the figureFIT community salutes you for making positive changes in your life!

What happens after I sign up?
When you purchase the Look Good Naked program, you will automatically get access to the online figureFIT Lifestyle Program and you can begin the coveted #figureFITwarriorworkouts, yoga videos, figureFIT nutrition program, and meditations.

You will be emailed a username and password where you can login to see the member portal area.

All Look Good Naked coaching documents will be emailed out to current Look Good Naked clients on Sunday night. You will want to look over documents and have your Q’s ready for that week’s training module.

Do I have to do the 90-Day Transformation Challenge?

No! This is a free gift to all who sign up for the Look Good Naked (How-To-Process). We wanted to GIFT you with the online figureFIT Lifestyle Program so that you can see what our figureFIT warriors do day-in & day-out on this program. You can choose to participate in only the Look Good Naked program and do any (or no) workouts you choose. We believe in moving the body and the figureFIT workouts provide you with the #1 way to build muscle, gain energy, boost your metabolism, and burn massive amounts of fat – you’d be silly not to do them.

How do I know which workouts I should do after I have signed up?
Once you login, you will see the workouts in the member portal area.

Each week you will do 3 HIIT/strength training routines using dumbbells. Beginners can start with going slow through the workouts and only doing them 1-2x through. Intermediate to advanced can do more and keep the breaks between the sets shorter. There’s nothing you can do wrong after signing up. Just enjoy the guidance via the workout videos and start training!

Do I need any special equipment to do the figureFIT! program or the Look Good Naked program?
Most of the movements use your bodyweight with added dumbbells. These exercises are designed for you to do at home OR in the gym! We recommend you have access to a Yoga Mat, some Dumbbells or Kettlebells, a bench or sturdy chair. Some of the warm-ups and stretches also include a resistance band and a roller. If you’re missing any of this equipment, there are usually alternative movements you can do as a replacement!

Will I be strong enough to start the workouts?
YES! The more difficult movements are broken down with easier versions so the workouts are suitable for everyone – no matter what their current skill level. You might not be fit when you start – but you will be when you finish!

How do you choose the winners?
It’s all about dedication and transformation. I want to see your before photos as SOON as you join the challenge – so you hold yourself accountable and see the 90 days through to the end. When you post your ‘after’ photo in our secret community, you’ll feel so good! I choose the top 3 to win prizes based on their dedication to the Challenge and the mental and physical results they achieve!

Is this a subscription or a one-time fee?
Yes, this is a subscription program because you will be gaining access to the online figureFIT! Lifestyle Program. The program is $47 per month once the 90-Day transformation has ended. You can cancel any time before the monthly billing ensues. A 30-Day notice is required to cancel all memberships.

What is different about the nutrition science, workouts and mindset coaching in this figureFIT program?
It draws on Liz Nierzwicki’s 20+ years of experience as a certified nutrition & exercise science expert, International Bestselling Author, Fitness Competitor, Gym & Yoga Studio Owner and Social Media fitness star. You get a proven 90-day workout plan with new workouts to follow each month. You only have to spend 30-45 minutes, 5 times a week to get super impressive results.. AND you will be part of a global community that supports you and pushes you harder than you ever could doing it all by yourself!

© 2018 Liz Nierzwicki Look Good Naked Program. All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: The Look Good Naked program is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.