Nutrition & Fat Loss Mastery

Does this sound familiar?

You are a carb-o-holic

You can’t stick to a meal plan longer than a few days

Your meal plan isn’t yielding the results you desire

You don’t know how many carbs to have or not have

You don’t know how much fat or protein to have

You don’t think you eat enough

You overeat

You binge

You love sugars and have candida

You want to lose weight and can’t seem to ever KEEP IT OFF

You want to fix your digestive issues, eliminate constipation, IBS, or other auto-immune disorders

In this e-course, you will get all your nutrition and fat loss (or even muscle gain) questions answered and you'll also learn how to use the figureFIT's intermittent fasting protocol to tap-in to extreme fat loss with options for 5-15 lbs to lose or 15-50+ lbs to lose. Each protocol comes with it's own process to follow including a sample day cheat sheet.


Training Documents:

Calculating Your Macronutrients

Nutrition 101: Understanding Macros, Gut Health & Metabolism

Video Training Covers:

• How to Quickly & Easily Keep Track of Your Macros During the Day

• If you Drink Alcohol, What you need to remember

• Nutrient Timing: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Pre & Post Workouts


Training Documents: Spiritual Warrior Fast Protocol (e-Book)

Intermittent Fasting

Supplements You’ll Need to Take

Tests You May Need Before You Begin

How to Lose Fat without Dieting or Adding Cardio

Sample Day on How & What to Eat

Video Training Covers:

• Supplements Guide

• Intermittent Fasting DAILY SCHEDULE

• Tests You May Need Before You Begin

• How to Lose Fat without Dieting or Adding Cardio

• Sample Day on How & What to Eat

• Why is this called a spiritual warrior fast?

• Healthy replacements on food

• Breaking bad habits

• Tips on what you can you do instead of coffee

• How to handle people who are judging you about your foods

• Sample day on exactly what to eat and drink

• You’ll learn how to SAVE MONEY on this nutrition protocol

• Recipes you can make instead of taking supplements

• How to drop weight FAST!

• Mistakes you NEVER want to make!

• Protein shakes & meal replacements

• figureFIT Fatty Coffee Recipe & a detailed explanation of the nutrients, how they work in the body, and how you’ll feel


Video Training Covers:

• Supplements Guide

• How and when to use the Protein Shakes

• How and when to use meal replacement shakes

• How to Fast

• What to break your fast with

• When to use Ketones and when they won’t matter

• Your personal macros matter!

• You eating them at the RIGHT time matters

• You understanding that this IS science matters

The figureFIT! workouts (full-body personal training) that BUILD muscle AND/HOW eating and fueling with the right foods at the right time, IS of critical importance.